Find out why Philippe Etchebest uses hazelnut butter in his fruity clafoutis recipe!

This week, the chef reveals the recipe for a dessert that he particularly likes: clafoutis. Find out which fruit Philippe Etchebest slips into his preparation, and why he uses hazelnut butter! This recipe is economical, easy and above all delicious. In his latest YouTube video, chef Etchebest offers us a changing and economical dessert idea … Read more

Saint-Paul: young people steal a trolley filled with bottles of alcohol in a supermarket, hundreds of euros lost

It is a surreal scene that took place in the Leader Price du Guillaume, in Saint Paul, on Tuesday June 14th. Two young individuals stole a trolley filled with foodstuffs but especially bottles of alcohol. The store manager talks about the facts. The scene is unlikely. A trolley filled with alcohol and food was stolen … Read more

Fresh food prices are skyrocketing

With inflation now reaching 7.5% in Quebec, some may have to resign themselves to eating less fresh vegetables and fish, foods whose prices have all jumped by at least 10% over the past year. . • Read also: Inflation: it’s elbowing for $5 meals • Read also: A short tour of the world of measures … Read more

Eating exotic and out-of-season fruits and vegetables is killing the planet

Cherries, illustration. – pxhere/CC Cherries, illustration. – pxhere/CC June 22, 2022 at 4:12 p.m., Reading time: 1 minute Transport Transporting food from its place of production to our plates generates at least three times more greenhouse gas emissions than previously estimated. This is the finding of a study published by nature food relayed Monday, June … Read more