Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid: an experience to share around wine at Cave Marcon

(Advertising) In the heart of the gourmet village of Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, Marcon Wines offers monthly tasting workshops. The opportunity to have fun or to offer a gift, from 20 €. An original idea for Father’s Day, a birthday, or a work colleague. Wine merchants for three generations, the Vins Marcon team invites you to take the … Read more

The 12 Highest Fiber Foods for Weight Loss

Dietary fibers are known to be excellent for health, they allow in particular to absorb excess dietary fat, improve digestion with a laxative effect or even promote good absorption of vitamins and minerals. Fiber is also very useful for losing weight, because it limits the feeling of hunger (satiety). Amount of dietary fiber The WHO … Read more

Monday whispers: Guy Savoy covets the Petit Retro, do you know Rebecca Beaufour? The Marcel according to Denis Martin in Sète, Valère Diochet in Narbonne, Mory Sacko replaces Jean Imbert in St-Tropez, Régis Campana at the Edouard VII Theater, Lilian Grimaud in Noirieux, farewell to Jacqueline Lorain, Bernard Bach in Villemur-sur-Tarn | Gilles Pudlowski’s blog

Guy Savoy covets the Petit Retro The Little Retro © Maurice Rougemont Nothing is yet recorded, nor official (at least before the end of August). But everyone (in the whole of the chic 16th district at least) is talking about it: Guy Savoy is about to buy the Petit Retro, this jewel of a bistro … Read more

Half-empty towers, deserted forecourt, restaurants without customers… The existential crisis of the La Défense district

By Guillemette Faure Published on June 11, 2022 at 04:16, updated at 08:53 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationThe business district northwest of Paris is emptying. This mineral and tied life no longer makes young working people dream. In question: their plebiscite of teleworking and the – relative – isolation of the economic center, whose verticality … Read more

these five ”anti-crisis” foods to have in your cupboards

Tuna pasta, tomato beans, sardine rillettes… Who hasn’t already improvised a dish from what they found in their cupboards as a means of express troubleshooting? With the crisis, consumers have turned even more to these long-life, so-called “refuge” foods, in which they recognize many qualities: practical, easy to keep and use, easy to store, good-tasting … Read more

a new 100% avocado restaurant

Calling all avocado lovers. A new restaurant entirely dedicated to delicious green fruit has just opened rue Palais-Grillet in the 2nd arrondissement. On the plates, signed by the Lyon street-artist Jakè, the avocado comes in all its forms: sweet, salty, solid, liquid, in avocado toast, with a Thai-style beef tartare, in a burger to replace … Read more