the Best of Book under the magnifying glass

For several years, we have noticed that individual investors often wonder about the fact that institutional traders would benefit from preferential conditions for placing orders on the stock market, whereas, on the contrary, individual traders would not have access to them. In reality, the European financial regulation (MiFID II), whose objective is to protect investors … Read more

Lydia launches “trading with friends”!

Lydia launches “trading between friends”, the functionality that allows you to follow the investment strategies of your loved ones. Made public last Friday, this new functionality of the Lydia trading platform allows users to follow more closely the investment strategies of their loved ones and to be inspired by them… Via a unique link, the … Read more

Citadel Securities Builds A Cryptocurrency Trading Marketplace

The new “cryptocurrency trading ecosystem” will be designed to create more efficient access to liquidity in crypto assets for institutional traders. The firm appears indifferent to the deepening bear market in the crypto sector, which has seen the total market capitalization drop nearly 60% since November 2021. Not afraid of bears There has been remarkable … Read more

Trading. Social trading is on the rise

Social trading continues to gain momentum. Uncertainties on the economic front coupled with inflation have attracted many investors to this practice allowing each investor, novice or experienced, to replicate a portfolio. It is still necessary to understand the workings of it. Trading in the age of social networks An innovative and digital principle If the … Read more

Robinhood, the brutal fall of a popular trading platform

STORY – The new broker was one of the stars of the pandemic. Its course has melted by 70%, and it is laying off 10% of its workforce. Robinhood’s fall is as abrupt as its rise was meteoric. The American platform that makes stock trading accessible to individuals published its worrying quarterly results on Thursday. … Read more

What are Forex brokers used for?

Investing in the stock market is a way to diversify your investments in order to earn passive income. However, this is a sector in which risks are present. To make your capital profitable, you must have a certain amount of knowledge in the field. However, it is not necessary to master all the workings of … Read more

Commodities: 10 best markets to follow on the stock market for June 2022

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How I beat the bear market and gained 156% almost overnight?

Summary: ProfitFarmers is an all-in-one crypto platform offering free crypto signals, trading copy tradingmarket analysis and training in trading. This testimonial is from a real member who discovered Magic Entry Blueprint and transformed his career from trading of crypto in just two months. Get your Magic Entry Blueprint now If you have experienced difficulties in … Read more