Could Elon Musk be preparing a crypto for the inhabitants of Mars?

If all goes well, SpaceX will send its spacecraft to Mars within two years, but Elon Musk is already thinking of launching a crypto for the inhabitants of the red planet.

According to Dr. Robert Zubrin, founder and president of the Mars Society, there are three reasons why “Mars should be the target of all space programs”.

“In short, Mars is the [planète] where is the science. This is where the challenges lie and this is where the future lies. In 500 years, people will no longer remember the factions that dominated Iraq, Syria or elsewhere. They will remember what we did to make their civilization possible. This is the most important thing we can do right now. If you have the power to do something big, important and wonderful, go for it”.

For years, scientists have been looking for ways to make Mars liveable for humans. To terraform the red planet, some of them even try to cultivate its barren lands, as those who settle there are unlikely to have return tickets.

Apart from agriculture, which has been tormenting the minds of scientists for several years, the next martial colonists are beginning to think about the means of payment they could use on the red planet.

Elon Musk, the man who wants to live on Mars

Sending human colonies to Mars, Elon Musk’s wildest dream, may be turning into reality. The enigmatic billionaire, whose imagination seems limitless, even thought of opening bars on Mars.

To achieve his ends, Musk plans to destroy the polar caps of Mars with nuclear weapons. The idea is to warm the red planet, making it more habitable for humans. Indeed, the CO2 trapped in the ice caps should eventually disperse, producing a greenhouse effect.

Repeatedly, Musk has warned that “we don’t know when anything is going to happen to planet Earth.” Thus, he thinks that humanity would do well to colonize Mars before World War III. Statements that attract him as much criticism as praise.

So far, SpaceX has invested billions of dollars not only to colonize Mars, but also to do so sustainably and profitably. And no, it’s not a sweet distant dream, because SpaceX plans to land on the red planet as early as 2024, that is to say within two years.

How does Elon Musk intend to colonize the Red Planet?

So, where will the SpaceX team settle? Near water. Indeed, H₂O once flowed over the now barren lands of Mars. Some of this water remained locked in ice, which will be vital for all future colonies.

Currently, SpaceX scientists are trying to find a way to live using only the Red Planet’s natural resources.

Drill Rigs Manufactured by The Boring Company (which also belongs to Elon Musk) will also be needed on Mars. These machines are currently being used to build the next underground transportation system in Los Angeles. On Mars, the tunnels will be essential to protect the future human inhabitants against the bombardments of ionizing radiation.

The first dwellings will probably have to be located in deep underground man-made caves. So if you dreamed of contemplating the lands of the red planet from your balcony, stay where you are.

Once the human colony has met its basic needs, Elon Musk will send Starlink satellites to Mars. Currently, these satellites light up our planet’s night sky and provide high-speed connectivity anywhere in the world, including places previously inaccessible, such as deep in the Australian Outback and even in Iran.

Starlink satellites will maintain communication between the colonists of the Red Planet and the inhabitants of Earth.

But what about Teslas? Could we one day see these famous autonomous cars criss-crossing the red lands of Mars?

The innovative Tesla battery packs, which were created by SpaceX, were seen at the private spacecraft production and test base in Boca Chica, South Texas. The location was chosen by SpaceX for its proximity to the Equator, a territory perfectly suited for large rocket launches.

Houston, we have a problem…

As humans travel to Mars, a new currency will be needed. Naturally, it will be a cryptocurrency. But which ? In a very interesting exchange with Binance’s CZ, Elon Musk shared his intention to launch a MarsCoin.

Unfortunately for the CEO of Tesla, the name MarsCoin has already been taken by another token created in 2014 for the same reasons… Indeed, the creators of the crypto in question also had the objective of financing a mission in space.

Before Elon Musk’s project was unveiled to the general public, it was thought that a trip to the red planet would cost around 10 to 30 billion dollars. Thus, the altcoin was designed with the aim of financially supporting the first human colony on Mars.


The MarsCoin project has already donated 400,000 coins to the Mars Society and 400,000 coins to Mars One (who does not exist anymore). Interestingly, the founders of Mars One wanted to send people to Mars and film a reality TV series there. At first, the project captured worldwide attention, but it was considered a suicide mission by some members of the scientific community, which pushed it to the brink. After declaring itself bankrupt, the company behind MarsOne reportedly donated its MarsCoins to the Mars Society.

A new crypto for new Martians?

Although MarsCoin is the first crypto on the red planet, it will probably be abandoned, giving way to a new token from SpaceX. That said, the brainchild of MarsCoin was undoubtedly very interesting.

The fact that token holders were able to directly fund a space mission was incredible. Matt Damon, who was “alone on Mars”, would not have said no to some MarsCoins to shop on the red planet while waiting for his potatoes to grow.

The MarsCoin project, however, fell into oblivion. But we’re all excited to see SpaceX launch a cryptocurrency for Mars.


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