Crypto trading: Here is the most liquid cross-chain platform

Major smart contract platforms like Ethereum and BNB Chain host decentralized crypto exchanges (DEXs), which have comparatively high levels of liquidity. Most traders switch exchanges manually or use liquidity aggregators like 1Inch.

1Inchan aggregator launched on Ethereum, aggregates DEXs to allow easy switching between tokens across multiple DEXs from a single UI. Aggregating DEX liquidity saves time and money, allowing more users to invest in DeFi more smoothly.

Despite the fact that DEX aggregators play an important role in DeFi, most are single-chain.

As a result, traders are trading fewer tokens than they would if they could access liquidity on different chains simultaneously. This is where Chainge Finance comes in.

Chainge Finance, an aggregator with a liquidity of more than 40 billion dollars!

Chainge Finance is tackling an important problem: liquidity across the various DeFi chains.

Chainge Finance offers custodial-free token trading (non-custodialyou keep your tokens in your wallets) using a user-friendly interface adapted to mobile devices.

The platform includes asset management management features that are used by its more than 400,000 users. Chainge Finance has a cumulative TVL of over $160 million and total aggregate liquidity of over $40 billion across different chains.

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When a user wishes to exchange an X token for a Y token, Chainge Finance’s smart router queries the DEXs to assess the real-time liquidity of the X/Y pair on all supported chains.

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It will then return the optimal path to perform the user’s swap request, taking gas costs into account.

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