Cryptos / trading: Booba attacks influencers in financial products, a real scourge among uninformed savers

Booba is in the place, will the financial influencers go straight and let go of their jackpot? Inflation, which everyone is talking about, is a subject now taken up on a loop by these financial influencers, always with a view to signing up trading accounts, or dangling potentially high returns, without necessarily indicating that the loss in capital can be total, such as gambling at the casino. The AMF recalls, for its part, that currently, risk-free investments, whose returns are supposed to beat inflation, are scams.

Influencers in financial products

Appalling. Under cover of pseudo-training or trading advice, portfolio monitoring, juicy investments in real estate, some influencers do not hesitate to promote even stupid investment strategies on cryptos, or risky real estate investments. As the financial investment advice activity is regulated, these influencers are subject to heavy fines for non-compliance with the regulations. In addition, advertising for trading is illegal in France. These influencers have an economic interest in relaying this “information”. For cryptos, they are directly remunerated by crypto trading platforms, several thousand euros, depending on the size of their community. These influencers do not, most often, know deeply the subject evoked. The argument being given by the platforms themselves, just like all the figures. The false testimonials are legion, and the financial successes serving as bait, are obviously fake.

Crypto influencers / scams: those friends who don’t necessarily mean you well

Crypto influencers / scams: those friends who don't necessarily mean you well
Crypto influencers: small scams between friends ©

Booba says spot to influencers

“Influvoleurs” is the term given by the rapper to these influencers, ready to plunge their community into the red, as long as they collect juicy commissions. Influencers, thieves. For Booba, these celebrities are misleading advertising. He accuses them in particular of misleading Internet users by pushing them towards copy-trading, a risky financial practice, of promoting investment scams, in cryptos, the stock market, real estate, etc.

Booba the vigilante

Booba has published an email address to gather the testimonies of their victims with the idea of ​​​​taking legal action in the long term. “Without Booba’s alert, we wouldn’t be here“, explains one of the founders of the Collective for the victims of Marc and Nadira Blata. The association collects the words of people who have been scammed following the financial “advice” of the couple. “ Since the intervention of the rapper, we have received many more testimonies from alleged victims “, he adds.

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