Do you know (well) these expressions inspired by animals?

“To be a mirror to the larks”, “to be a hot rabbit”… The French language is full of expressions coming straight from the animal world. Will you find their meanings?

More than daily companions or faithful friends, animals have also invaded our language. Do we not say “to be an ugly duckling” to designate a marginalized person? Or the “turkey of the farce” to designate someone who has been duped? It is an old linguistic tradition, strengthened by the Fables de La Fontaine, to compare certain human and animal characteristics.

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Did you know that a “corniaud”, before becoming the famous film by Gérard Oury, was used to designate a mongrel dog not very zealous for hunting? He then designated, in colloquial language, an idiot person.

The editorial staff offers you to guess or confirm your knowledge of these animal expressions. Will you manage to get a 10/10?


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