Dog owners create tension

Langogne has an important network of paths, forming a very dense walking area, used by the population who wishes to avoid busy streets and enjoy beautiful walks and beautiful viewpoints.

Chemin de Chapelude, very convenient to reach the station, is one of them, but local residents are upset by the carelessness of some dog owners, making it impracticable as it is strewn with dog droppings. Local residents, with often heavy soles, decided to mobilize, first of all by trying to raise awareness of the incivility of the owners of the dogs who, evening and morning, relieve themselves on the way.

Of course, the owners and their dog are known, it is not a question of unhealthy denunciation and, for the moment, the local residents are content with reminders taken from the droppings of the day: “€450 is expensive for a commission” Where “Here public space, thank you for respecting”.

Perhaps the realization of the sanctions announced would be a precious help to the residents who, on the day of the festival, see the summer visitors pass by with their noses covered. Circuits are organized to visit the Langonese gardens, circuits that follow these paths, tourists may not appreciate looking where they set foot rather than the floral spaces.

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