Dombes. A new farm affected by avian flu, hunting activities restricted

After the Saint-Nizier-le-Désert duck farm affected by avian flu on August 27, another farm, barely a kilometer away as the crow flies, is in turn infected with the H5N1 virus.

The RD70B closed

Friday, September 2, the RD70B road was again closed between Saint-Paul-de-Varax and Saint-Nizier-le-Désert to allow veterinary services to slaughter and evacuate poultry, a priori guinea fowl, from the Dienet farm .

This ESAT (Establishment of services and help through work) is based in Saint-Paul-de-Varax, but part of its land is located in Saint-Nizier-le-Désert.

On August 27, as a precaution, the Dienet farm had already withdrawn from sale and confined its poultry.

Hunting of waterfowl and game birds is prohibited

Moreover, given the proven presence of the virus, its highly pathogenic and highly contagious nature, a prefectural decree limiting hunting activities was signed today: hunting waterfowl and game birds is prohibited in the municipalities of the protection zone and the surveillance zone. Game bird hunting will become possible again if no case of avian influenza is observed for 8 days.

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