“Don’t look for her! »… A domesticated wolf on the run in the forest of Brocéliande

She escaped on August 9 after a storytelling show that took place in the town of Beignon (Morbihan). Since then, the domesticated wolf has been wandering in the forest of Brocéliande. Its owner is very worried. Angry, even, to see that the disappearance was mentioned in the local press. But how would one do otherwise ? For three weeks, the animal has been seen several times by several inhabitants of the surroundings of the forest of Paimpont. What the owner of the wolf fears is that she will be observed, tracked. “I tell everyone: don’t look for her! She is very fearful. The more it will be sought by the population, the less chance there is of finding it alive”, explains the director of the troop which manages the animal.

Since she disappeared on August 9, the white wolf has seen her behavior change. “It does not represent any danger for the population but it should not be approached”. What its owner fears is that a psychosis is born around the presence of a wolf in Brocéliande. “There is a voyeurism, people hope to see her, they seek her. Above all, it is not necessary because she feels it ”. The traps set up to try to capture it could prove useless. The Ploërmel gendarmerie is already mobilized to locate the animal.

The canid is part of a troupe of actors offering storytelling walks in the presence of animals. Several performances had taken place in the forest of Paimpont since the beginning of the summer. The animal escaped the vigilance of its owners after one of the shows.

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