Don’t Skip This Meal: Here’s What To Eat For Breakfast For A Healthy Back-to-School

It should be the heaviest meal of the day. So don’t neglect your breakfast. This good habit will allow you to approach the start of the new school year in great shape. Here is the recipe for establishing this good ritual.

The start of the school year is this Thursday, September 1st. To be in top form all morning, devote enough time to your breakfast. And vary the pleasures by changing recipes several times a week for a greater variety of nutrients.

Hydration, energy, calcium…

To rehydrate, drink a large glass of water. You can also choose a hot drink such as coffee, tea or a homemade smoothie.

A dairy product will provide you with proteins to boost dopamine and avoid late morning cravings as well as calcium. If you wish, you can also opt for an even more complete meal with eggs or ham.

Don’t forget whole grain products to provide energy throughout the morning. They will provide you with essential complex sugars, in other words the fuel necessary to go the distance.

Finally, also eat a fruit in the morning for its vitamins and quick sugars, which will allow you to start the day on your feet.

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