“Dozens of cats have disappeared in a few months”

This is information that sends shivers down the spine. Not far from Avignon, in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, many people are desperately looking for their four-legged friends. Multiplying wanted notices both on Facebook and in the street. And has been for months.

No trace, no report. As if they had simply vanished. “It’s terrifying to think that in a village like ours, cats disappear like that,” says Simone, who has lived with her husband in the Mas Boussard district for many years. “For my part, I lost five in the space of two years. And when I say lost, it’s lost. We never found the body. Domesticated cats, but also especially stray cats.

Because it is the big problem of the municipality. Overwhelmed by the abandonment of animals and the multiplication of certain species in the street. “I who arrive from Paris, I was very surprised by the number of cats abandoned in Saint-Martin. They were…

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