Electric batteries that last 20% longer, Elon Musk plans to make Twitter completely paid, this is the recap

A technique for recharging electric batteries improves their lifespan by at least 20%, Elon Musk plans to make Twitter completely paid, Instagram will check the age of visitors with a video selfie, that’s the recap.


The batteries of electric cars degrade too quickly, it is their big weak point. Researchers at Stanford University have found the solution to this problem. Elon Musk is looking for all the ways to make money with Twitter. His latest idea? Simply charge us to use it. We stay in the news of social networks with Instagram, which will assess the age of its visitors through a video selfie.

Academics invent technique that increases the life of electric car batteries

Stanford University has designed a system to save the most wear-out electric car battery cells. This discovery would allowincrease battery life by at least 20%. A significant burst of energy that can make the difference between a successful evening in the comfort of your own home and a breakdown on the side of the road.

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Elon Musk has a revolutionary idea: he wants to make us pay to use Twitter!

If the 400 million users of the platform paid 8 euros per month, the richest man in the world could repay the billions of dollars he must repay to the banks. It is thus whispered that in the upper echelons of Twitter, we toy with the idea of make everyone pay to use the service. Would you be willing to pay to view Twitter?

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Instagram launches age verification by video selfie in France

Instagram takes care to protect minors from any bad influence. The social network introduces its age verification system in France via video selfies. The latter aims to better filter violent content such as those featuring firearms or nudity. If the intention is laudable, one can wonder if the images thus recorded are not at risk of being misused.

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