Elizabeth II: a former Buckingham Palace chef reveals his surprising eating habits

At 96, Elizabeth II still seems in good shape. Is it related to a special diet ? We cannot go forward but what is certain is that the Queen of England has his her own eating habits. A former head of Buckingham PalaceOwen Hodgson, revealed this Thursday, August 25 in the British media Mirror, some secrets of Charles’ mother’s diet. The former chef confirms that the sovereign follows a culinary protocol very strict. In particular, he explains that many foods are prohibited. For example, Queen Elizabeth II cannot eat garlic or onions because she has to keep her breath fresh under all circumstances. It is also prohibited for William and Harry’s grandmother enjoy a seafood platter, raw meat or tap water. The former chef specifies that it is to avoid any risk of intoxication.

Be careful, this does not mean that Elizabeth II cannot treat herself to a few small pleasures! The former head of Buckingham Palace has revealed that the Queen is very fond of mayonnaise and tuna sandwiches. On the other hand, this dish is delicate and must be served to the queen with care. “I was reprimanded for serving sandwiches with crusts”, said Owen Hodgson, former head of Buckingham Palace. The queen would not bear the contrast of the dryness of the scabs with the softness of the crumb, in this sense bread crusts must therefore be banished from his plate. Another treat for the Queen are the round strawberry jam sandwiches made at Balmoral Castle.

Elizabeth II: addicted to chocolate?

Chocolate would be the ultimate indulgence of Elizabeth II as revealed by former chef Graham Newbould in the documentary Secrets of the Royal Kitchen. She would even chocolatomaniac. His addiction is perfectly regulated “As far as she’s concerned, it’s all about small portions, she’s very disciplined. She scoops out a tiny slice of chocolate cake, and then comes back into the kitchen again and again until there’s none left. have more”explained the chef in an interview for Marie Claire in 2017. It would even seem that “the darker the chocolate, the better.”

What is the best diet for good health?

To hope to have a longevity as impressive as the Queen of England, you have to put yourself in the mediterranean diet. With a score of 4.2 out of 5, this scheme has stalled for the fifth consecutive year and for the year 2022, the best diet title in the ranking established by scientists for the magazine US News and World Report. The benefits of this diet are numerous, but the main explanation for this protective effect is the great wealth of antioxidant substances, fruits and vegetables, olive oil, spices, which could delay the effects of aging. The Mediterranean diet also combines all the characteristics of an “anti-cancer” diet.

To learn more about the Mediterranean diet and its health benefits, here is our dedicated article.

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