Elizabeth II: her amazing eating habits

Elizabeth II intends to keep her royal palace. For this, His 96-year-old Majesty maintains very particular eating habits. Among them, the total exclusion of the crust from its sandwiches. A culinary protocol revealed by Owen Hodgson, former chef of Buckingham Palace, and relayed by Mirror this August 25.

At the table, Elizabeth II has never challenged etiquette. In addition to maintaining a balanced diet to take care of your health, the Queen is forced to follow a strict diet which prohibits the consumption of many foods. By diplomatic obligation, Prince Charles’ mother never eats garlic or onions. Indeed, Elizabeth II must keep a fresh breath in all circumstances. It is also impossible for Prince Philip’s widow to enjoy a seafood platter, raw meat or tap water. This is about him avoid any risk of poisoning. Despite this very rigorous protocol, the one who recently celebrated her platinum jubilee likes to indulge in small gourmet pleasures. Among his cute sins: mayonnaise and tuna sandwiches. But beware, to satisfy Elizabeth II, it is better to follow a specific rule. “I was reprimanded for serving sandwiches with crusts”said Owen Hodgson, former head of Buckingham Palace, in remarks relayed by Mirror this August 25.

Perhaps because their dryness contrasts with the softness of the crumb, bread crusts should therefore be banned from Elizabeth II’s plate. But this culinary tradition of Prince William’s grandmother is also linked to centuries of royal history. “Royal family members never have square sandwiches because tradition dictates that anyone who presents them with sharp food is trying to overthrow the throne of England, revealed former chef Graham Newbould in the documentary Secrets of the Royal Kitchen. Despite everything, Elizabeth II allows herself some simple dishes based on fresh bread. To make up for the absence of square or triangular sandwiches, therefore, she often enjoys round sandwiches with strawberry jam made at Balmoral Castle.

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Queen Elizabeth II is “chocolate addict”

According to chef Darren McGrady, Elizabeth II would be “chocolate addict”. But beware, his addiction is managed according to the rules of the art with all the distinction imposed by his condition. “As far as she is concerned, it’s small portions, she’s very disciplined. She picks up a tiny piece of chocolate cakeand then comes back into the kitchen again and again until there’s no more”explained the amused chef in an interview with Marie Claire in 2017. And to specify on the consumption of Her Majesty: “She mentally photographs the cake, and if a piece is missing, she asks who ate it.” Her favorite flavor? “The darker the chocolate, the better.” A real lover.

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