Elon Musk accuses institutions of turning his transgender daughter against him – La Nouvelle Tribune

The American Billionaire Elon Musk recently spoke out about her transgender child Vivian Wilson. The latter, had made it known several months earlier, that she no longer wanted to have any connection with her father. In an interview with British media FinancialTimes, the richest man in the world accused the institutions of having turned his daughter against him. For the boss of You’re here, universities as well as elite schools are responsible for the fact that he and his daughter no longer speak to each other. According to Elon Musk, “It’s communism in its own right. . . and a general feeling that if you’re rich, you’re bad”. In addition, Elon Musk confided to getting along with his other children.

He had officially changed sex in June

“It may change, but I have a very good relationship with everyone else. I can’t win them all” he added. Note that Vivian Wilson was biologically born with a male sex, under the name of Xavier Alexander Musk. The latter officially changed sex during the month of June. According to information from the American press, a county court in Los Angeles had acceded to the request of Xavier Musk, who is now called Vivian Jenna Wilson. According to an excerpt from the court document quoted by the media NBC News, “As there are no objections, the request for a name change, sex change and a new birth certificate is approved”.

As a reminder, Vivian Wilson had made the decision to change her surname to that of her mother, the American writer Jenna Wilson. The young girl had taken the legal steps to change her surname, still in the month of June, because she no longer wants anything to do with her biological father. According to information from the British media sky news, Xavier Alexander Musk filed the petition for the change of name and new birth certificate reflecting his new identity, with the Superior Court of the County of Los Angeles at santa monica. According to information relayed by the British media, Reutersthe applicant “don’t live[t] no longer or no longer wishes to be linked to [s]one biological father in any way”.

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