Elon Musk and Donald Trump, the two most divisive tweeters, insult each other on social networks

After seducing the “Trumpshère” by offering to buy Twitter in the name of freedom of expression, Elon Musk is now his target. The former US president accuses him of being a “bullshit artist” and mocks Tesla and SpaceX.

In the Twitter / Musk case, he was missing. Donald Trump, 45th American president and ex-compulsive user of the social network (he was expelled from it in January 2021), has decided to target the boss of Tesla and SpaceX, who has signed an agreement with Twitter to buy the company but no longer wishes honor it. How did we get here ? Donald Trump and his community criticize Elon Musk for not keeping his promise, but also for having claimed that he did not vote for Trump.

“Comedian Bullshit”

It was during a meeting in Alaska that the hostilities between the two men began. Donald Trump, on stage, introduced Elon Musk as one of his supporters, before saying that he knew from the start that the deal would not succeed (“Who told you first? Me “). Trump claims to have studied the contract in detail, indicates that it is a ” Wrong “ deal and claims to have flushed out the Musk fraud several months before anyone else. For him, the billionaire is just a “ bullshit artist »which we could try to translate by a “comedy to the con”.

Of course, the matter does not end there. First because Donald Trump loves to harass his targets for several days, then because Elon Musk loves provocation too much not to respond.

On Twitter, the one who no longer wants Twitter denied Trump’s comments, saying he did not vote for him. Always in a desire to provoke, Elon Musk has also decided to support Ron DeSantis, the conservative governor of Florida, seen by some as Trump’s main competitor in 2024. Enough to alienate Trump, and his entire community. Again, Musk has fun and provokes them with the same. He also encourages Trump to go and tan in the sun, since he thinks he is too old to take on responsibilities.

Trump goes after Musk

As you can imagine, these attacks have reached the ears of Donald Trump. On TRUTH Social, his rival network to Twitter, Trump has embarked on a fierce campaign against Elon Musk. He says in particular that Elon Musk was ready to “kneel and bow” in front of him, reiterates that he told him he voted for him and tackles his other businesses. Tesla takes it for its rank: “its electric cars that don’t run long enough” and “its self-driving cars that crash”. SpaceX also: “its rockets that go nowhere”.

Trump Truth

Those who know Trump know he is not easy to stop. Other publications published in the process also make fun of the entrepreneur, such as encouraging him to “focus on the mess he’s in, if he doesn’t want to pay 44 billion for something that may have no value”. Donald Trump slips another small peak on Tesla: “There is also a lot of competition in electric cars! »

Elon and Donald, two old friends

However, in April 2022, Donald Trump praised Elon Musk. If the former president and future candidate for the White House said he did not want to return to Twitter to favor his own social network TRUTH Social, he said: ” I hope Elon buys Twitter because he makes improvements to it and he’s a good man “. All this was not really surprising, we know that the thoughts of the two men meet on many aspects. During Trump’s term, Musk had also been criticized for being too close to the American president. Musk also defends ideologies similar to those of Donald Trump, such as absolute freedom of expression. He also often criticizes Democratic thought, which he equates with the far left, like Donald Trump.

This schoolyard between two unstoppable personalities is ultimately quite sad, not to say ridiculous. If Trump is indeed a candidate in 2024, it is likely that Musk will become one of his recurring targets. One can also wonder who the conservative sphere will choose between its two billionaire stars.

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