Elon Musk announces new colors for Tesla

Historically, Tesla models have not been available in many colors. The decision to limit paint options was probably more of a necessity than an artistic decision.

Simplifying paint choices helps production run more smoothly and get cars out of the factory on time. Given Tesla’s ongoing problem with production delays, narrowing the list of options to speed things up might be a good thing.

Until now, most Teslas were only available in five colors: white, black, silver, blue and red.. Any color other than white (and silver on the Model 3 and Y) came with a price increase.

Last week, Tesla announced on Twitter the addition of two new colors to its repertoire. Due to the unique nature of the new paint, CEO Elon Musk said the options come with a location disclaimer.

If Musk’s tweet is to be believed, the two new colors: Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red can only be applied in the Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany. The paint options are apparently so complex that only the factory can apply it. For now, Tesla says these colors are only available in Europe and the Middle East.

Only for Europe and the Middle East

According to a series of tweets, new color options are 13 layers of pigmented metallic paint and change shade and color depending on how you look at the car. The new paints are so advanced and complex, according to Musk, that only the paint shop at the Gigafactory in Berlin is able to apply them correctly.

It’s never a bad thing to give customers more choice when selecting options for a new car. But given Tesla’s past production fiascos, one can only imagine how much time these new colors will add to the production time of a new Tesla. At this time, Tesla has not announced whether these new colors will be available in the United States, or how much they will cost.

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