Elon Musk claims to have found the solution to save the world

The boss of Tesla gave an interview to a Norwegian media in which he gives his tips for facing the challenges of today’s world.

To perpetuate civilization »

Elon Musk knows and likes to talk about him. After his real fake takeover of Twitter and his desire to fight against Vladimir Putin, the richest man in the world said it was important to continue to use gas and oil in the short term, otherwise civilization will collapse […] especially these days with the sanctions against Russia ».

According to the founder of Tesla, the other solution to save the world would be to give birth : People have to have enough babies to keep civilization going. […] Make enough babies to maintain the population. We don’t want the population to fall so low that we end up disappearing. »

Father of ten children, Elon Musk obviously knows what he is talking about.

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