Elon Musk claims to have sold his ‘Burnt Hair’ perfume for $1 million

“Thank you for buying my perfume, so I can buy Twitter,” the businessman, who is expected to buy the social network for $44 billion by the end of the month, tweeted on Wednesday.

Elon Musk said he sold a perfume called “Burnt Hair” for $ 1 million, the latest whimsical claim from the boss of Tesla and the richest man in the world. “Thank you for buying my perfume, so I can buy Twitter”he tweeted on Wednesday.

The businessman is supposed to reach an agreement to buy the social network for 44 billion dollars by the end of the month, failing which a trial must take place in November on this eventful operation. “10,000 bottles of Burnes Hair sold”“I can’t wait to see the media stories about Burnes Hair’s million dollars sold”he had already tweeted Tuesday evening with a hilarious smiley.

“The Essence of Repulsive Desire”

His profile now displays the mention “perfume seller” to its approximately 108 million subscribers, and a link takes users to the perfume’s sales page on the site of one of its start-ups, The Boring Company. “The Essence of Repulsive Desire”reads above the photo of a red vial of Burnt Hair, for sale for 100 dollars.

The billionaire, also boss of SpaceX (rockets) and Neuralink (brain implants), is a regular joker made viral by his many fans. He has already marketed in the past absurd products in reference to his various escapades and traits of humor. “With a name like mine, it was inevitable that I would end up in the fragrance business – why didn’t I do it before?!”he exclaimed again on his favorite platform.


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