Elon Musk comes out of the silence on Twitter with a photo of him with the Pope

By posting a photo with the pontiff this Saturday, July 2, the American billionaire broke the silence he had observed since June 21 on the blue bird social network.

New buzz around Elon Musk. After he had disappeared from Twitter for ten days, the boss of SpaceX and Tesla resurfaced with an image of him that was unusual to say the least.

The richest man in the world has indeed published a snapshot where we see him in the presence of Pope Francis and four of his eight children.

The place and details of the meeting, which he says he is “honored” have not been disclosed. The Vatican meanwhile did not communicate on this visit which would be of a private nature.

With this publication, Elon Musk breaks his longest period without tweets since January 2018. Very active on Twitter since his plan to take over the social network for 44 billion euros, the man commented there daily on the progress of the negotiations.

The photo posted by the billionaire follows other unrelated tweets. “Maybe I’m bored?”, Can we read on one of them.

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