Elon Musk derails and sells his own perfume based on… burnt hair

“Just like leaning over a candle at dinner, minus the effort.” The description of the brand new madness of the richest man in the world is unequivocal. “Burnt Hair”, the perfume that Elon Musk has been selling since early this morning, promises a sweet fragrance of burnt hair. And no, it’s — unfortunately — not a joke.

It all started with a joke on September 28, recalls The Verge. On Twitter, his favorite terrain, the boss of Tesla had posted the subliminal message Burnt Hair – Perfume for men by the scorched”.

He then specified marketing the product via The Boring Company, his tunnel construction company. A company not so boring as that, since it had already sold outright a flamethrower called “Not a flamethrower” – closer to the blowtorch, in fact – sold 20,000 copies.

“Stand out in the crowd! Get noticed when you walk through the airport!”, enthused Elon Musk, always about the perfume. Result, a few weeks later, the official Twitter account of The Boring Company shared a link to buy “the essence of repugnant desire”. A very kitsch bright red bottle, adorned with the name of the perfume in silver letters of the most beautiful effect, all in a super cheesy calligraphic font.

Despite the more repulsive description and visual than anything else, this strange perfume has already sold more than 10,000 copies, according to a new tweet from Elon Musk published five hours later. “Looking forward to tomorrow’s news stories about ‘Burnt Hair’ selling for $1 million”, he then has fun with a “died laughing” emoji. He seems determined to prolong the joke as long as possible: at the time of this writing, the Twitter bio of the richest man in the world still soberly states: “Perfume seller”.

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