Elon Musk explains why people shouldn’t fear turbulence, says wings can handle ‘insane amounts of flex’

Are you worried about turbulence when traveling by plane? Not so much after reading this. Tesla chief Elon Musk explained why you shouldn’t be afraid during a turbulent flight. He thinks you shouldn’t be afraid of turbulence because the plane won’t crash. He pointed out how an airplane’s wings can withstand extremely powerful forces. It happened when a Twitter user shared a video of airplane wings during turbulence. “Airplane wings aren’t rigid pieces of metal: in fact, they probably have a little more flexibility than you might think. This is the behavior of the wing of a Boeing 747 in turbulence, ”he wrote in the caption.

Further, in responding to this, Musk said, “People should never fear turbulence. Commercial airliner wings can sustain insane amounts of flex. Here is the video:

Musk’s comment went viral and garnered 86,000 likes. “Everyone should see a B-52 take off. These wings can move more than 3 feet up and down. Impressive! Technology from the 1950s! commented one Twitter user. Another person wrote, “@elonmusk is absolutely here. In general, the aircraft structure and wings can withstand much more turbulence and forces than the human body, so those moving wings are not a problem,” another user wrote.

This comes just days after Musk ventured into the fragrance business. He invented a perfume called “Burnt Hair” and he sells it on The Boring Company. He sells the perfume for $100 each. Additional taxes and shipping are also charged.

Musk also joked about how selling these fragrances would help him, but Twitter. Just hours after that tweet, he sold 20,000 bottles of perfume. As always, netizens also had a lot to say about this new launch. While some memes organized, others were busy giving their opinion. “Elon, you can squirt burnt hair scent from the tip of the rocket during flight. Aliens will never forget the first encounter with what happens! wrote one Twitter user. Another person wrote: “So now you sell perfume? Elon, I think you need to focus on one business at a time. What do rockets, perfumes and cars have in common? »

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