Elon Musk Fans Pay Tribute With Massive Goat Body Statue

A statue of Elon Musk with the body of a goat (goat in English, for “greatest of all time”, “the best of all time”) made by his supporters, will soon be delivered to the billionaire entrepreneur in a Telsa factory in Austin.

A surprising tribute to say the least. Elon Musk fans have created an aluminum statue over 10 meters long, with the billionaire’s head and the body of a goat, riding a rocket.

Commissioned by cryptocurrency firm Elon Goat Token ($EGT), the statue was created by Canadian metal sculptor Kevin Stone. In order to fund this monument, the creators of the Elon Goat Token company levied a small tax on each cryptocurrency transition.

The icing on the cake, several options have been integrated into the rocket. When in operation, the statue can throw fire, but also emit smoke, concert lights, or music.

“Since its completion, $EGT has toured several US states and will now deliver this gift to Elon at Tesla’s Giga factory in Austin,” the Goat Token website reads. A countdown indicates that the statue should be handed over on November 26. But will it please the main interested party?

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