Elon Musk for telecommuting at Tesla… on one condition

QWho said Elon Musk was against working from home? While this practice has become more popular around the world due to the health restrictions put in place with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the founder of SpaceX has made up his own mind on the subject. He’s not totally against it. But for him, to deserve time away, you have to have previously been present 40 hours in the company per week… In any case, this is what he gave as instructions to Tesla executives, through a e-mail that leaked online on the Reddit forum, and taken up in particular by The echoes. The subject of the email gave a fairly clear idea of ​​the “Musk attitude”: “Teleworking is no longer acceptable. »

“Anyone wishing to work remotely will have to be in the office for a minimum of forty hours a week or leave Tesla. It’s less than we ask [d’ordinaire] to employees “on site, wrote Elon Musk in this missive, which left a bitter taste to some in more ways than one.

Elon Musk puts pressure on his executives

The SpaceX boss has been scalded by Tesla’s poor results in recent months. In particular, according to him, in the factories of the automobile company which have favored teleworking.

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In a second email, Elon Musk adds a layer. “The more experienced you are, the more your visible presence is needed. That’s why I’ve always spent so much time in offices. […] If I hadn’t done this, Tesla would have gone bankrupt long ago,” he wrote to his executives.

As soon as these e-mails were put online, the controversy quickly mounted on social networks, the famous entrepreneur being accused of flouting the rights of workers. But he brushed off the criticism with a tweet. To a user who questioned him on this subject, he simply replied: “Let them pretend to work elsewhere. »

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