Elon Musk gives us an appointment in August, what can we expect?

Elon Musk has formalized the holding of a new edition of Tesla AI Day, an event that will focus on artificial intelligence. The date is already known.

Like large groups such as Google, Facebook or Apple, the Californian company Tesla has managed to meet us more or less regularly at specific events dedicated to its technological advances. Tesla Battery Day is an example of this, as is Tesla AI Day.

Last year, the electric car manufacturer had also held the first edition of this meeting very focused on artificial intelligence, as its name suggests. This was particularly the opportunity to discuss his humanoid robot project now known as the Tesla Optimus. The media buzz was there.

See you on August 19

In this 2022 vintage, Tesla is putting the cover back and announcing through its boss, Elon Musk, that a new Tesla Battery Day will take place: see you on August 19, i.e. one year to the day after the first edition. In his Twitter message, Mr. Musk promises interesting news, without giving further details.

The person concerned nevertheless specifies that the purpose of this day will be to attract and convince the great talents of AI and chips to join the company. The idea is probably to amaze them with ambitious and incredible projects, as was the case with last year’s humanoid robot.

Tesla AI Day #2 on Aug 19. So many cool updates!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 17, 2022

Nevertheless, several major projects already mentioned by the group are under development. We can therefore logically think that Tesla is making an overall update on the situation and its progress. Inevitably, the 100% autonomous driving promised for years by Elon Musk should have a place of choice during the conference.

Dojo in ambush

The manufacturer could also give news of Dojo, a new supercomputer which will take over from the current system, considered in 2021 as the 5th fastest supercomputer in the world. It will be used in particular to process the heaps of data emitted by the Tesla fleet.

Elon Musk obliges, we are not immune to yet another surprise that could make the cabbage of the media. See you, in any case, on August 19 to discover all of its progress.

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