Elon Musk got fired from Twitter

For the past few days, Elon Musk has been the target of criticism following an article in the Washington post where sources announce that he would be ready to lay off 75% of Twitter employees. All the media evoke this wave of layoffs which is a common practice when buying a company. Especially when it appears to be overvalued in the eyes of the buyer.

Before getting to the heart of the information, I would like to take stock of the situation

NB This is a humorous post following a challenge on our account Twitter.

Is the takeover of Twitter closed?

You can actually ask yourself the question given the headlines you can read on many media. It must be said that at the moment there is everything and its opposite on the subject. Nevertheless, we would like to enlighten you in the light of our knowledge on the subject and encourage you forever to form your opinion by your own research. (Not only on Tesla Mag or your usual mag, please)

I would quote here the words of XAV76, historical member of the Tesla Mag forum:

“All sources agree for a closing this weekend.

We don’t know exactly when but it should be a matter of days. In buyout cases that go to court, time is not necessarily a good thing.

This is not the first time that Elon has spoken of his desire to buy Twitter, the last time was a few days ago in a conference with his advice and this info was noted by the Financial Times.

And now all eyes are on a wave of layoffs of 75% of social network employees following several malfunctions noted by Musk and his advice:

  • Teleworking is still learning that the premises of Twitter were regularly empty that the global controversy was triggered.
  • The rate of bots (fake profiles) found on the platform. 5% a rate widely denounced by the Musk camp. This has a priori nothing to do but this idea must be dispelled by a series of events which explain a desire to clarify the situation of the social network.

Should we be worried about poor management?

A priori the experience of Mr. Musk in the management of companies is not in question. We must rather ask ourselves the question of the impacts of telework and the evolution of working methods on the entire economy. Some companies or certain positions are compatible, but Elon Musk’s need following this takeover he is making with investors is to multiply the investment by 3 or 4.

Briefly, all companies are implanted by these issues, it is strange to see so many articles on the takeover of a company which is experiencing very relative economic success.

Sometimes our customers know us best and Elon Musk has been one of the top accounts for years on the platform. It’s also iconic to see a CEO so active on a social network notorious for reducing our productivity. He certainly has a plan to take advantage of this marketing tool for the benefit of several businesses.

A new era is dawning for Twitter with new challenges, but it is obviously far too early to mention the word of dismissal and an associated volume.

A wave of layoffs

For the past week, the Twitter sphere has clearly been in turmoil following the Washington Post article. In a context where more serious layoffs are underway to once again prepare the company for the new clocks. We would like to raise awareness of the fact that for the moment the information is not yet official, particularly on the strategic plan for the future of Twitter.

So there are two obvious facts here: We appreciate the humor at Tesla Mag and Elon Musk obviously hasn’t been fired from Twitter (which has not yet bought).

In recent days, a group of Twitter employees would have risen to oppose this plan. It’s a safe bet that the new social debate will be about values ​​at work.

More information on Elon Musk?

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