Elon Musk has a (surprising) statue of him

UNUSUAL – He offers himself Twitter, others offer him a statue. Or rather an “Elon GOAT Monument” 10 meters high and made of aluminum. The people behind the launch of the “Elon GOAT Token” cryptocurrency commissioned it to pay tribute to Elon Musk nicknamed “The GOAT” for “Greatest of all time”.

As you can see in the video at the top of the articlethe “Elon GOAT Monument” represents the head of the CEO of Tesla and new boss of Twitter on a body of a goat (because in English goat also means goat), and riding a rocket that can launch fire.

Kevin Stone, a Canadian sculptor, needed an entire year to complete this work estimated at $600,000. The creators of Elon GOAT Token have, according to BFM TV, levied a tax on each transition linked to this digital token to successfully finance the project.

We built an Elon Musk monument on a tractor-trailer in honor of his many accomplishments and commitment to cryptocurrencies says the company on its website.

For the moment the new owner of Twitter has not yet said anything about this giant gift. His admirers, they intend to make him react. They planned to deliver the statue on November 26 to Tesla’s Giga factory in Austin, Texas. It is also on the company’s website that you can see a countdown before the event.

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