Elon Musk: his ex-girlfriend auctions memorabilia of the billionaire

Billionaire Elon Musk’s former girlfriend Jennifer Gwynne has fond memories of their past relationship when they were in college. She decided to sell some of these objects, including photos, cards and gifts from the time.

Memories that can be worth a fortune. Jennifer Gwynne, a former girlfriend of Elon Musk when they were both students at the University of Pennsylvania, decided to auction memorabilia from their past relationship.

Through Boston, US-based auction house RR Auction, she is selling 18 original photos of the billionaire, along with other memorabilia. Jennifer Gwynne and Elon Musk started dating in 1994, according to a press release that RR Auction forwarded to CNN. The glossy photos show the entrepreneur in his twenties, sometimes alone, and sometimes with friends or with Jennifer Gwynne.

A card written to his girlfriend is also on sale, with the inscription “Happy birthday, Jennifer (aka Boo-Boo), I love you, Elon”, and a dollar bill signed by the founder of Tesla. Jennifer Gwynne is also selling a gold necklace that Elon Musk gave her, including an emerald from the Zambian mine that belonged to her father.

To date, the card signed by the billionaire’s hand has already exceeded 10,000 dollars, and the prices of certain photos, estimated at 100 dollars, have already soared well beyond estimates. Elon Musk fans have until September 14 to bid for one of the lots on the RR Auction site.

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