Elon Musk improvises as a diplomat and alienates kyiv



War in Ukraine: Elon Musk improvises as a diplomat and alienates kyiv
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Billionaire Elon Musk has just entered a whirlwind, after offering his own solutions to the war in Ukraine on Twitter. President Zelensky answered him, but the matter does not stop there. The stakes are now military and concern the Tesla boss’s satellites and internet relays, which have so far helped Ukraine.

Elon Musk was thanked as a hero, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and other actors, friends of Ukraine. On the posters of the city of Odessa (Ukraine), his portrait was covered. A few months ago, however, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX was erected as the savior of the Ukrainian nation, after having provided it with nearly 20,000 Starlink terminals. This system makes it possible to provide internet in the most remote areas. The tool was decisive for the communications and guidance of the Ukrainian army.

Ten days ago, Elon Musk posted on Twitter a proposed peace plan between Ukraine and Russia. He suggests in particular that Crimea remains an integral part of Russia, and that the referendums be voted again in the indexed regions, under the supervision of the UN. The Kremlin spokesman thanked Elon Musk for his positive step, praising his talent as a diplomat. Ukrainian officials are less complimentary. “Fuck you is my very diplomatic response to you, Elon Musk”, replied Andrij Meklnyk, an ambassador. Since then, Starkink cuts have been recorded on the front, crippling the Ukrainian army. Technical bug, or retaliation? For analysts, the billionaire’s strategy is unclear.

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