Elon Musk is about to launch his first robot: it will be called Optimus

Autonomous driving, Tesla Bot and Dojo, the most powerful computer in the world. Elon Musk will reveal all of this on September 30 during the Ai Day event.

Elon Musk is about to launch his first robot

Ai Day is approaching. For those who do not know Tesla, this event is a kind of futuristic universal exhibition where Elon Musk tells everyone his personal conception of progress. Daring projects that oscillate between innovation and science fiction perspectives. Among the most anticipated this year is Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot.

The purpose of the event is to show all the technological advances of the company. Not only that, for Elon Musk Ai Days is a recruiting ground. A way to attract the best talent and convince them to partner with Tesla. Find who can make the company’s vision a reality.

What will be presented at Ai Day

The date to mark is September 30. A postponed date. The event was scheduled for August 19, exactly one year after Tesla’s first Ai Day. Musk has decided to postpone the second edition only for Optimus. It was not operational last year. In its place, a man disguised as a robot took the stage to represent, at least visually, the humanoid. This year, his goal is to have a working Tesla bot to present to everyone. In the long term, Musk explained, robots could be used in homes, cooking dinner, mowing lawns and caring for the elderly. Production could start next year.

Just look back, at last year’s edition, to bet on the projects that will be presented on September 30. Not only Optimus, Among the revelations of 2021 there is also Dojo, which should be the most powerful computer in the world. It is used to collect, classify and analyze the millions of data transmitted by cars in the Tesla fleet. In fact, Musk’s other big goal is to produce fully self-driving cars. The technology doesn’t appear to be fully available yet, but investors are waiting for the AI ​​day of 2022 to see the company’s progress.

There is great anticipation for Tesla’s next rendezvous. The company could revolutionize labor economics through Project Optimus, and beyond. As Reuters points out, Boston Dynamics and Honda Motor’s Hyundai Motor have been developing humanoid robots for decades, but none have yet entered the market. Like self-driving cars, robots must demonstrate their ability to deal with unpredictable situations. September 30 will be an opportunity to better understand where we are.

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