Elon Musk is already testing paid certification, a week after his takeover

The new paid subscription to Twitter, for users who want a certified account and practical benefits, will be launched soon.

It’s time for big works for Twitter. The American social network, bought by Elon Musk a week earlier, is already transforming at high speed: the new paid certification at $ 7.99 per month is expected in the coming days, potentially as early as this Monday as the new boss of Twitter.

The mobile application has been offering an update since Saturday which should soon make it possible to subscribe to the new subscription. This update is only available on iOs in the United States and in a few countries (not yet in France). According to Elon Musk, it could be deployed worldwide as soon as it has been confirmed “that it works correctly”.

“Power to the people”

The new owner of Twitter, who laid off half of the employees, made the teams work tirelessly as soon as he took control. He launched the redesign of “Twitter Blue” as a priority. This 5 dollar subscription previously contained premium features, such as a more comfortable reading mode, but the certification remained free.

“Blue Badge: Power to the People: Your account will receive a blue tick, just like the celebrities, businesses and politicians you already follow,” the app now promises. The update also mentions a priority given to the display of tweets from subscribers, the possibility of posting longer videos and audio messages or “twice as many ads, twice as relevant”.

Diversify income

“The ‘New Blue’ is not yet live – the sprint to launch continues but some people may see updates as we test the changes in real time,” Esther Crawford, Director, tweeted. of the Californian company’s products in development. “The ‘new Blue’ is coming soon!” she added.

The social network needs to diversify its revenues, which currently come 90% from advertising, especially since several advertisers have announced that they will suspend their spending on the platform since its acquisition by Elon Musk.

Jeremy Bruno with AFP BFMTV journalist

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