Elon Musk is going to blow up the mention of “Twitter for iPhone” (and other measures)

This morning, Elon Musk is still talking about him! On today’s program, he intends to modify network functions again, and continue his waves of layoffs! But the latter is not himself immune since he is questioned by the courts concerning his compensation at Tesla (a small plan granting him more than $50 billion in stock). Indeed, his trial began yesterday in Delaware!

Elon Musk will blow the mention

Removed the function indicating the device from which a tweet was sent

In fact, he plans to make a well-known feature of Twitter, which specifies details about the device from which a tweet was sent. In the past, the latter has allowed some hiccups of the most inappropriate during promotional operations carried out by products competing with Apple (Huawei for example).

On the other hand, if the decision was taken by the boiling billionaire, there are still some unknowns, such as the date of its implementation. And then Elon Musk may yet change his mind (it’s not like it’s the first time), as long as he has his hands under the hood.

But the news should rather be welcomed by some professionals. Indeed, the number of communicators having lost life their position for this kind of errors is still kept secret for the moment…

Elon Musk continues to lay off with a vengeance

Speaking of keeping his job, the Twitter CEO continues to do falling heads, and this, in a more or less conspicuous way. Indeed, following his complaints about the slowness of the Android app, a developer allowed himself -at his own risk and peril- to answer him, causing his immediate dismissal with notification via Twitter!

The CEO’s response was not long in coming. As a reminder, in early November, Mr. Musk has already thanked half of the platform’s employees worldwide. On his way, he also cleaned up the teams related to moderation, marketing and real estate.

But the engineer seemed to expect it and takes it pretty well! He would have already received some nice job offers, especially on the side of Reddit!

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