Elon Musk is now entitled to his own statue, but he has a body of a goat on a rocket

We didn’t see it coming, and yet: Elon Musk fans have indeed built a statue in tribute to their favorite star. If the project is already in itself subject to debate, the chosen aesthetic is even more so. Indeed, the statue does indeed represent the face of the billionaire placed on a body of a goat. A particularly subtle reference to the English expression “GOAT”.

elon musk statue
Credits: Elon Goat Token

When he’s not completely ruining Twitter, Elon Musk continues to do what he does best: play guru for his fan club heavily invested in his adulation. And if the billionaire’s attitude is seriously starting to tire more than one, a small group of resistants still admire the latter and constantly seek to attract his attention, sometimes not in rather unexpected ways.

The creators of the Elon Goat Token ($EGT) company, and yes it is a real business and cryptocurrency name, very clearly fall into this last category in view of their latest “project”. Thus, it is with some pride that the firm posted a video on Twitter showing a statue that was strange to say the least. Unsurprisingly, this one is the effigy of their favorite personality, but has a twist: his head rests on a goat’s body.

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Elon Musk fans are pushing the boundaries of bad taste

The English speakers among you will have understood the pun. Elon Musk is regularly nicknamed by his fan club the GOAT, for “Greatest Of All Time” (“the best of all time”). However, it turns out that in the language of Shakespeare, “goat” also means “goat”. It was enough for Elon Goat Token to find their fabulous gift idea. Because yes, it is indeed a gift.

This 10-meter-long aluminum statue is now on its way to the Gigafactory in Austin to be delivered to Elon Musk on November 26, according to the company. Last detail to note: the head of Elon Musk and his goat body rests on a rocket, probably in reference to his action at SpaceX, which can, of course, can spit fire and broadcast music. Pure good taste.

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