“Elon Musk is wrong on Twitter”, Estimates the Founder of Wikipedia on I24NEWS

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said in an interview with i24NEWS on Monday that Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk had “misdiagnosed” the company’s problems.

Commenting on recent scandals surrounding the platform bought by Musk, which said its aim was to promote free speech on Twitter, Jimmy Wales argued that this is not what the company should worry about.

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“I think Elon’s diagnosis of what’s wrong with Twitter is completely wrong. Twitter has a real problem with trolls and abuse, but not a lack of free speech,” he said. backed Wales.

Jimmy Wales also gave advice to the American billionaire who mentioned Thursday the possibility of a bankruptcy of the platform. “What I would recommend is more community control […] I think there needs to be more tools in the hands of users to actually control their environment and make decisions in a much broader, democratic and open way,” he said, suggesting that Musk is facing “enormous financial problems”.

Wales also recommended that all internet users be more “careful and thoughtful about what we accept as truly credible information.”

Jimmy Wales, who hailed the “spirit of enterprise” of the Jewish state, traveled to Israel to attend the Atlas Awards ceremony which takes place on Monday. It will reward the best Israeli start-up of this year in the country.

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