Elon Musk launches a mysterious perfume with “burnt hair”, which is already torn off

Never stingy with a new prank, the boss offers “the best perfume on Earth”, sold for 100 dollars and which has already sold more than 10,000 units.

Between two controversies, trials or diplomatic crises, Elon Musk does not forget to have fun. The boss of SpaceX and Tesla has announced the sale of a perfume, called “Burnt Hair” (“burnt hair”, or “burnt hair”, depending on the interpretation), resulting from a joke launched a few days earlier on Twitter.

Claimed by the billionaire as “the best perfume on Earth”, it is also presented as “the essence of repulsive desire”.

“Stand out in the crowd! Get noticed as you walk through the airport,” the ad reads.

The bottle is actually for sale at a price of 100 dollars each, on the site of The Boring Company, another company of Elon Musk. What fragrance for this perfume? Its name clearly gives a hint of the result. Especially since The Boring Company, intended to build tunnels to relieve road traffic in cities, had also – strangely – started manufacturing a flamethrower, sold for 500 dollars each.

On September 28, Musk tweeted an image of a bottle – different from the one on sale – of the now famous “Burnt Hair”, created “by the same people who sold you a flamethrower”. Obviously, a hair accident has therefore taken place…

The product has already sold 10,000 copies in a few hours, for an income of one million dollars, announces Musk.

“Looking forward to reading articles on the million sales” also had fun the billionaire, whose daily life is more a series of daily crises and controversies.

On his Twitter account, Elon Musk has now renamed himself a “perfume salesman.”

Thomas Le Roy Journalist BFM Business

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