Elon Musk lost $100 billion in one year

If he is the richest man in the world, Elon Musk must be careful of his wealth. Today we learn that the Pretoria native lost $100 billion in a year.

A 35% drop in his fortune in one year

About a year ago, Elon Musk officially became the richest man on the planet, with a fortune estimated at more than three hundred billion dollars. Since then, the boss of Tesla and SpaceX has not failed to make people talk about him, first with the true-false takeover of Twitter. After a period of silence, the fifty-one-year-old finally announced that he did indeed want to buy the platform. The billionaire, however, would like fire most of the social network’s employees.

Today, we learn that Elon Musk’s fortune has plummeted in the space of eleven months. Formerly estimated at more than 300 billion, the fortune of the South African would now be valued at 209.4 billion dollars. The entrepreneur has thus lost more than a hundred billion dollars in one year. It’s about a 35% drop in wealth over this period.

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