Elon Musk plans to deploy Starlink network in Iran

While Iran is crossed by a major protest movement, Elon Musk plans to discuss with Washington to deploy its Starlink satellite connection service on Iranian territory. The billionaire says he wants to apply for a “ exemption from sanctions to make this project a reality.

Elon Musk has launched a new “big” challenge

On September 19, the CEO of SpaceX announced on Twitter his ambition to launch Starlink in Iran. The objective would be to provide internet access to local citizens, and more specifically to Iranians living in areas that are badly or poorly served by mobile networks.

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This statement follows a message posted by a journalist suggesting to offer the service to the Iranian population. To answer this question, Elon Musk indicated that Starlink will make a request to the American administration, knowing that since 2018 the country of Uncle Sam has prohibited Iran from all transactions in petroleum products and those related to the aeronautical sectors. and mining.

Starlink in Iran, a utopian project?

Elon Musk did not comment on the feasibility of a possible deployment of Starlink in Iran, despite his desire to extend the coverage of the service on the whole planet. Indeed, he will content himself with undertaking a discussion with the American authorities to obtain their points of view.

In recent times, Starlink has played a major role in geopolitics. Last June, the service allowed the Ukrainian army to continue to communicate with its troops in the context of the conflict with Russia. Regarding the plan to use the network for the benefit of Iran, one cannot expect Washington to be so conciliatory. The sole media weight of the entrepreneur and his companies does not seem to be enough to change the position of the current government towards a country that it considers to be a threat to national security.

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