Elon Musk rants

Tired of exposing the details of his air travels, Elon Musk made a more than tempting offer to the account holder ElonJet.

$5,000 to close an account

Elon Musk, Drake or Kylie Jenner to name a few, are the target of ADS-B Exchange, a site created by Dan Streufert which tracks and lists air traffic. In recent months, many Internet users have highlighted these routeswhich caused social media controversy due the carbon footprint of these flights.

Some twittos have gone so far as to create accounts dedicated to the directory of these so-called routes. On the account ElonJetall the flights of the boss of You’re here are listed in the smallest details. Annoyed, Elon Musk went so far as to propose to the account holder the sum of 5,000 dollars for its closure. The latter refused, justifying to theAFP : “ He’s got so much interest, I’m doing something that works. People like to see what celebrities do, that, and the show stuff. »

The one who was meant to redeem Twitter to sustain freedom of expression has definitely choose your fights.

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