Elon Musk ready to fire 10% of Tesla employees for a simple “hunch”?

An email intercepted by Reuters is causing trouble… After inviting the employees of You’re here to return to the office, under penalty of being fired from the company, Elon Musk would have the idea of ​​separating from 10% of the workforce of this entity regularly under the spotlight.

Layoffs in shambles at Tesla?

Mentioned by Reuters, this email supposed to have been issued by Elon Musk lets guess the envy of the billionaire to separate from a significant part of the workforce of Tesla. It would be downright question of laying off 10% of the company’s employees, and this, for a funny reason: Musk has a “very bad feeling” towards the economy. He would therefore have explained it to his executives, by means of an email titled “Stop all recruitment”.

The company employed about nearly 100,000 people at the end of 2021, according to an SEC report. Following these revelations, Tesla’s share price obviously fell on the stock market.

In recent weeks, Musk has repeatedly speculated about a coming recession, which could explain his jump. This is even though demand for Tesla vehicles has remained strong, and the indicators traditionally suggesting an upcoming slowdown (including increased dealer inventory) have yet to materialize.

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