Elon Musk says the Cybertruck can “briefly” serve as a boat

Elon Musk assured in a tweet that Cybertruck, Tesla’s futuristic pickup truck could be used as a boat.

Elon Musk likes to give little hints about his company’s plans from his Twitter account. The owner of Tesla therefore shared Thursday, on the sidelines of IA Day, which is being held this Friday, September 30, some small information about the Cybertruck, an electric pickup that fascinates the crowds.

First introduced in 2019 by Elon Musk himself, the Cybertruck is a “revolutionary” car. Ultra futuristic in design, this 100% electric pickup should be sold in large quantities next year. With nearly three years behind schedule, everyone is wondering when this car will eventually hit our roads.

Cybertruck: the new fashionable boat?

If anyone seems to still have the same hope of one day seeing the Cybertruck on tarmac, it’s Elon Musk. The boss acknowledged the delays in delivery, due to the various shortages, the pandemic and now Ukraine, which is paralyzing the financial markets. But the car will see the light of day and even better it has a very special feature: the Cybertruck can be used as a boat.

This is what the CEO of Tesla has just explained quite summarily in a tweet. In his own words, Elon Musk acknowledged that it was possible to use the Cybertruck “briefly” as a boat. The big boss of the firm adds that this will allow the all-terrain machine to cross small rivers, but even entire inlets.

Crossing rivers is possible with the Cybertruck

The only condition announced is that “the water be calm” so as not to put too much stress on the car’s watertight hull. 100% electric, the latter logically does not support contact with water. But Musk assures him, the Cybertruck will be waterproof and the car will therefore be able to drive without problems.

It will be necessary n” animations to be very careful. With an expected weight of around three tonnes, the vehicle could have the annoying tendency to sink once in deep water. The idea here is rather to cross small rivers a few tens of centimeters deep, something impossible with a thermal car.

Still no release date for the Cybertruck

With this small detail, which will not be used every day far from it, Elon Musk is reviving a little interest around this model that the automotive world has been waiting to see running for more than three years. In his tweet this Thursday, presenting the amphibious characteristics of his racing car, Elon Musk was careful not to give a release date for the model.

According to the latest information given by the businessman, the car should be marketed “in the middle of 2023”. But given the history around this model, the most likely remains that a new date change will take place by then.

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