Elon Musk says the Tesla Cybertruck can be used as a boat

The boss of Tesla has followed like everyone else the catastrophic events that have occurred in recent hours in Florida, where Hurricane Ian has caused great damage and many victims. And he took the opportunity to give an interesting detail about the Cybertruck, this famous pickup that the American electric manufacturer is still currently refining: it will be so waterproof that it could serve as a real amphibious vehicle over short distances.

“The Cybertruck will be so waterproof that it can be used briefly as a boat. It will be able to cross rivers, lakes and even the sea if there are not too many waves.he has just published on his twitter account. In a second “twitt”, he specifies: “the Cybertruck must be able to reach South Padre Island from Starbase, which involves crossing submerged areas”. Starbase is the new launch base in Texas for SpaceX, also owned by Elon Musk.

Even better than current Teslas

In recent years, many videos circulating on the internet show Tesla Model S, X or Y moving smoothly on very flooded roads. Unlike most thermal cars that are very sensitive to rising water, the brand’s electric vehicles seem to be sealed to the point of avoiding major problems in this type of situation. So, will the Cybertruck go so far as to acquire real amphibious capabilities as Elon Musk has just promised? Remember that its production and the first deliveries to customers should begin next year.

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