Elon Musk: should we be afraid of this man?

Should we rejoice or tremble? The richest man in the world, Elon Musk, bought the social network of influence, where we find all the greats of this world but also ordinary citizens: Twitter. And since then, the small world of politics and the media has been in turmoil. It must be said that Elon Musk is not just anyone. He is the co-founder of Paypal, which revolutionized online payment. He is the founder of Tesla, who wants to revolutionize the automobile. It is also involved in rockets with Space X, in the universal Internet by satellite with Starlink… In short, it is everywhere. He wants to control everything. Including the leading public speaking platform, which he bought for $44 billion. But who is he? What does he want ? What makes him run? To dig into the subject, Théophile Kouamouo called on Chris, known as “Politicoboy”, a journalist and engineer-economist, a fine connoisseur of the United States.

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Who is Elon Musk? What is his background? What is he looking for by getting his hands on Twitter? Can we count on him to guarantee the freedom of expression that he puts forward in the face of the real connivance of the Twitter teams, in particular with the American democratic establishment? Is behind Elon Musk the shadow of Donald Trump, kicked out of Twitter some time ago? What do you think, basically, of the model he wants to promote, a kind of premium Twitter at $8 a month?

Beyond this Twitter soap opera, Elon Musk is also an ideologue. He is often classified among libertarians, who want to destroy states, and transhumanists. Who are they ? Should we start being afraid?

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