Elon Musk sparks controversy with 9-minute private jet flight

For someone who advocates “maximum eradication of greenhouse gas emissions” through their Tesla vehicles, that’s not exactly the right example to set. The private jet of Elon Musk, the boss of the car manufacturer, was used for a journey of… 9 minutes, reveals korii, Monday, May 9. It was Jack Sweeny, a young man who scrutinizes all the aerial actions of the American boss thanks to a bot, who reported this “trip” on Twitter, Saturday, May 7. The plane took off from San José to land in San Francisco, the distance between these two cities by highway being approximately 83 kilometers. According to Google Maps, the trip can be done in 52 minutes by car.

According to information from korii, it cannot be said that Elon Musk was on board. Be that as it may, we are far from the “zero emission” ambitions touted by Tesla, the leader in the electric vehicle market. The brand’s plan, available on its website, is “the electrification of companies, cars and trucks through photovoltaic roofs”. The same journey could therefore have emitted zero grams of CO2 if it had been made with a Tesla. However, according to calculations made on an ad hoc site, this jet flight produced the equivalent of 0.02 tonnes of greenhouse gases.

Particularly polluting private jets

If this rejection may seem negligible, it is less so when it is combined with all those of similar flights carried out by private jet. In May 2021, the NGO Transport & Environment (T&E) unveiled a report in which it revealed that CO2 emissions from private jets in Europe increased by almost a third (31%) between 2005 and 2019. study shows that private jets emit on average ten times more carbon than airlines, and are 50 times more polluting than trains, contributing significantly to climate change.

The story is reminiscent of that of COP26 in Glasgow, in November 2021: hundreds of private jets had converged on the event. These flights had produced more gas than 1,600 Scots produce in a year.

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