Elon Musk (Tesla) takes sides with Iranian protesters

With the agreement of the American government decided to “counter the censorship of the Iranian government”, in the words of the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, Friday September 23, Elon Musk, boss of Tesla, made it known that he was going to put his Starlink satellite broadband service available to Iranian protesters.

As usual, Tehran countered all protests by blocking Internet communications and organizing massive counter-demonstrations. So, so that the demonstrators can exchange with each other and count each other, Elon Musk proposes to bypass access to Instagram and WhatsApp.

Can the service be deployed for potential users in Iran without hardware, namely a specific router and antenna?? Usage will tell.

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A former member of Le Monde, Liberation and Le Canard Enchainé, Nicolas Beau was the editorial director of Bakchich. He is an associate professor at the Maghreb Institute (Paris 8) and the author of several books: “Les beurgeois de la République” (Le Seuil) “La maison Pasqua” (Plon), “BHL, une imposture française” (Les Arènes), “The ugly little Qatar” (Fayard with Jacques Marie Bourget), “The regent of Carthage” (The Discovery, with Catherine Graciet) and “Our friend Ben Ali” (The Discovery, with Jean Pierre Tuquoi)

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