Elon Musk, the “Tony Stark of the real world”

PORTRAIT – The unpredictable entrepreneur who developed PayPal, Tesla, or even SpaceX, bought Twitter for 44 billion dollars. This genius engineer doubled as a formidable businessman is totally out of control.

Entrepreneur of the century for some, brilliant engineer for others, real world tony stark» for Marvel fans, Elon Musk escapes all standards. He could become the first man whose personal fortune exceeds $1 trillion as soon as 2024, according to Tipalti Approve. That is a fourfold increase in two years.

The figure may seem crazy, but it is commensurate with the growth in the valuation of the companies he leads. And this, without even mentioning Twitter, which he bought for 44 billion dollars. A new episode in a personal saga full of twists and turns. At 50, he has already had a thousand lives. Born in 1971 in South Africa, he grew up in Canada and now lives in the United States. The list of companies he founded or co-founded is enough to make any renowned serial entrepreneur green with envy: Zip2, PayPal, Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company.

Elusive, annoying, uncontrollable, limitless, the boss has no…

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