Elon Musk thinks Tesla makes the world a better place

The boss of Tesla is more than ever convinced that his Tesla brand is good for the planet. It is pleased with the rise in its market capitalization.

When Elon Musk presented his projects with the Tesla brand at the end of the 2000s, the flamboyant boss of the recent electric brand announced that he wanted to make the world a better place thanks to his zero-emission cars. Since then, he has clearly succeeded in imposing his vision of the automobile: more than a million Tesla will most likely be sold in 2022 and the brand continues to grow.

He just remarked on Twitter that Tesla’s market capitalization is now larger than that of Aramco, the biggest oil company on the planet (which is also the national oil company of Saudi Arabia). For him, this shift is a sign that “the future will be good for the planet”.

Really ?

You can’t blame Elon Musk when he implies that electric cars pollute less than combustion engine models, thus reducing the impact of the automotive sector on the deterioration of the state of our planet. But will driving an electric car be enough to make the world a better place? In addition to the issues related to the construction of electric cars and the materials used in their composition, a recent study made it possible to put their virtues into perspective because of their emissions of fine particles of pneumatic origin. Which obviously doesn’t mean that the recent boom in this technology isn’t good for the environment…

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