Elon Musk thought his ex Grimes was ‘a simulation of his brain’

BBC devotes a documentary series to Elon Musk. It traces his career, his entrepreneurial projects, personal experiences and in particular his relationship with the Canadian artist Grimes.

As part of the new BBC documentary series devoted to Elon Musk, Devin Gordon – journalist at Vanity Fair and author – explains to the directors that he would be convinced that his ex-wife, the artist Grimes, “is not not real”. Indeed, on several occasions, the billionaire and boss of Tesla and SpaceX would have expressed a hypothesis according to which Grimes – with whom he separated this year and has two children – was a simulation that he had created in his brain.

This far-fetched theory seems to be shared by those who are subject to it, as Devin Gordon explains: “ She told me several times that Musk had this theory that she wasn’t real — that she was a simulation created by him and existed in his cerebral cortex as some kind of perfect companion for him. Which sounds a little crazy and maybe even a little scary, except she’s okay with it. »

Lately, Elon Musk has also failed Berghain.

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