Elon Musk unveils Optimus, Tesla’s humanoid robot

Robot Tesla
— © Tesla

In August 2021, Tesla presented the Optimus project for the first time, consisting in developing an ultra-modern humanoid robot. It seems that this project has progressed quite a bit since then. Last month, during the Tesla AI Day event, Elon Musk presented two prototypes of the robot.

A demonstration on stage

Dubbed “Bumble C,” the first model briefly appeared on stage. The latter notably walked around the stage, greeted the audience and performed a few dance moves. According to the Tesla boss, it was the first time it had worked without any supports, cranes, mechanical mechanisms or cables.

The robot can do much more than what we have shown you. I just don’t wanna see it fall on her face “, did he declare. In addition, a video showing the capabilities of the robot was also presented by the billionaire. According to the images, he would be able to perform several household tasks such as watering plants and carrying objects.

The robot will be marketed at less than $20,000

Tesla’s second humanoid robot also appeared on stage during Tesla AI Day. On the other hand, he was not yet able to walk. Eventually, he should be able to understand complex verbal commands, move at a speed of 8 kilometers per hour and carry objects weighing less than 20 kilograms. Equipped with a 2.3 kilowatt-hour battery, it would be able to perform a full day’s work.

Elon Musk indicates that the robot should be marketed within 3 to 5 years at a price of 20,000 dollars. It aims to produce several million copies. The CEO of the firm nevertheless stressed that there was still a lot of work to do. However, given the speed of progress of the project so far, this time frame seems perfectly reasonable.

Initially, the robot will be operated in the group’s factories. As a reminder, this is not the only humanoid robot in development. Moreover, at this stage, the models offered by Boston Dynamics and Xiaomi seem to be much more sophisticated than those of Tesla.

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