Elon Musk wants more babies and more oil to save the world from depression

When a journalist asks Elon Musk about the biggest challenges facing the world, the 51-year-old entrepreneur responds in his own way. After citing the transition to renewable energy, he mentioned the birth rate. “Believe me: the baby crisis is a big deal,” said the Tesla founder. Invited as part of a conference on energies in the city of Stavanger, Norway, the father of the family mainly angled his remarks around the decrease in the number of births, which for him is very worrying. He therefore called on his contemporaries to “make more babies”. The one who is still the richest man in the world says he is very committed to the subject: “It is one of my favorite concerns, perhaps less known”. Elon Musk adds: “It is important that people have enough babies to perpetuate civilization.” The businessman also cited China to illustrate the decline in the birth rate, a country which recorded 10.62 million births in 2021 compared to 12 million the previous year. Beijing has however relaxed its one-child policy, in vain for the moment.

For the American billionaire, father of ten children, “if we don’t have enough children, we will die in a moan wearing adult diapers. It will be depressing.” He adds: “We don’t want the population to fall so low that we end up disappearing,” he added.

Elon Musk then continued his speech by returning to the issue of ecological transition. According to him the planet still needs fossil energy sources but it is necessary “to use oil and gas in the short term, otherwise civilization will collapse.” He then favored further exploration of hydrocarbons in Norway.


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